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Planning for all preparatory works
The most important part of the preparation works is to have a detailed schedule of all activities to be completed prior to the start of the shutdown. Based on the project start date and the scope of work, the critical path schedule will be made to ensure that all engineering is completed and that all equipment and materials are delivered to site prior to the actual start of the project.

Overview of detail engineering and materials supply packages from equipment supplier: Together, we can review the detail engineering of the equipment & materials suppliers. This way, we are able, at an early stage, to provide input about the “constructability” of the detail engineering. Specific features such as modular building of mechanical components, optimum brick dimensions, material applications, efficient and safe work methods must be considered and can be optimized before detail engineering is complete. Upon request, we can also finalize detail engineering for you.

QA-QC planning for Inspection at suppliers’ factories
When material selection and application of refractory materials (bricks, castable, ramming, gunning and/or shotcrete) are determined, orders must be placed with the selected supplier. An important part of the purchase orders is normally the delivery times. In order to meet the deadlines of the furnace repair, a detailed planning must be made for materials inspection with certain milestones, prior to shipment. For mechanical and structural components, we will follow the same procedure. Often, a shutdown date will be moved when there is no assurance the materials will be on site before the shutdown of the furnace.

Materials inspection at suppliers’ factory prior to release for shipment
We can perform all shop inspections for you and sign off and release materials & equipment ready for shipment. Material inspection will be done in such a way that we ensure that site conditions will be met as close as possible. That means we will do pre-assemblies of critical items, such as shell rings, steel structures, brick connections etc.

Tender preparation for contractor’s packages
Prior to the submittal of enquiry packages, we can make the technical specification documents. The basis we use for compiling those documents is, apart from our vast experience in the industry, the detail engineering information, the equipment and materials chosen for the project, the customer’s technical demands and the time allowed for preparation and execution of the scope of work.

Technical evaluation of construction tenders
Since we are an installation contractor, we can help you with the writing of tender documents and assist you with the selection of candidates for tender and, eventually, advise on the final choice of contractors, taking safety, technical ability, scope planning and the commercial aspects of the proposal into consideration.

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