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Coke Batteries

Once surpassing an active service life of 10 to 15 years, refractory repairs, mainly at the end flues of the heating walls, are required to secure production levels and environmental compliance. We are in the fortunate situation that, over the last decades, our specialists have been involved in newbuild and repair projects featuring different coke battery designs. Since investments and regulatory restrictions for new coke oven batteries are high, quality driven repair and maintenance is crucial to secure the customers asset.

HeatTeQ is ready to execute all sorts of repair services, such as full battery inspection, ceramic welding, end flue and through wall repair. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with the installation of large modules made of fused silica (non-expanding). These large modules are suitable for end flue as well as through wall repairs. The latest development is the patented Fastwall concept where a complete wall is lifted to the repair area while being supported by an exoskeleton structure. Reducing oven downtime to a new industry benchmark.

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