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Installation services

Based on the foregoing activities and with the backup and support of our shareholder companies, we can offer all installation services for the relevant disciplines on our projects. Generally, we can state that we would like to optimize the use of our own personnel. Depending on the country, we work with pre-selected local partners. Apart from the price competitiveness, we select our partners based on:

  • Safety performance
  • Quality of personnel
  • Quantity of personnel

We have references on projects such as:

  • Demolition
  • Refractory installation
  • Mechanical/Structural and Piping installation
  • Flexibility and ability to react to changes

For local subcontractor management, we provide supervision for quality control. Our experts can work with the client and manage their teams in a professional manner. We are flexible enough to adapt to any commercial structure our customers request us to work in.

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