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HeatTeQ originates from the refractory department of Hoogovens/Corus in IJmuiden, The Netherlands. Over the years, Hoogovens has become a forerunner in the development and application of refractory designs for blast furnaces, hot blast stoves and coke ovens.

By implementing improvements based on actual operating experience, the performance of our constructions kept on improving. This resulted in improved reliability, extended campaign lengths of the installations and significant savings in maintenance costs.

Finally, a new design for complete and unique linings for blast furnaces and hot blast stoves was patented and carried the label ‘Hoogovens Design’.

The new designs did not go unnoticed in the iron and steel community. In 1974, British Steel Port Talbot had their new stoves designed by Hoogovens. Stelco’s Lake Eri Works soon followed, as well as BHP Port Kembla No.5 Blast Furnace. From then on, interest only increased and it was decided to start a new design group solely dedicated to the marketing and design of blast furnaces and stoves for third parties. ESTS (Estel Technical Services) was born and is still thriving. But for now, enough about our history and let’s focus on the future. Will you join us?