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About us

Mission statement

To provide the industry with a full range of services for furnace repairs, such as design, engineering, inspections and all installation services, covering the global market. HeatTeQ wants to fill the void between contractors and engineering companies and strengthen its position by continuously improving its level of services (and the quality of current products). To foster a work environment that encourages new ideas, new innovations and growth.

About us


HeatTeQ originates from the refractory department of Hoogovens/Corus in IJmuiden, The Netherlands. Over the years, Hoogovens has become a forerunner in the development and application of refractory designs for blast furnaces, hot blast stoves and coke ovens.

By implementing improvements based on actual operating experience, the performance of our constructions kept on improving. This resulted in improved reliability, extended campaign lengths of the installations and significant savings in maintenance costs.

Finally, a new design for complete and unique linings for blast furnaces and hot blast stoves was patented and carried the label ‘Hoogovens Design’.

The new designs did not go unnoticed in the iron and steel community. In 1974, British Steel Port Talbot had their new stoves designed by Hoogovens. Stelco’s Lake Eri Works soon followed, as well as BHP Port Kembla No.5 Blast Furnace. From then on, interest only increased and it was decided to start a new design group solely dedicated to the marketing and design of blast furnaces and stoves for third parties. ESTS (Estel Technical Services) was born and is still thriving. But for now, enough about our history and let’s focus on the future. Will you join us?


About us

Lizmontagens is a Portuguese refractory supply and installation contractor with a € 120 Mio annual turnover. Lizmontagens is HeatTeQ’s main shareholder. HeatTeQ acts mainly as an inhouse technology provider to guarantee that greenfield and brownfield refractory installations meet industry expectations. References cover over 20 blast furnace renovations and several coke oven repairs since start of the partnership in 1998.

About us

JUKoke is a German technology consultant firm specialized in the optimization of existing coke making facilities. Their spectrum covers design, installation and commissioning of all relevant technologies to achieve operational targets defined by asset holders or regulators. HeatTeQ and JUKoke jointly realized several optimization projects at different coke plants.

About us

In 2015, Koch Knight LLC announced the appointment of HeatTeQ Refractory Services (Pty) Ltd based in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa as their sole sales representative for Southern Africa. This includes the following countries i.e., Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and of course South Africa. Koch Knight LLC is a leader in acid proof solutions.

expertise HeatTeQ


Our team of engineers always makes sure to understand the conditions of installations. We know everything about the lifetime expectation of the refractory lining, the needs for maintenance and the influences of wear rate parameters. Every member of our team has their own specific skills with an engineering background, especially Refractory Design & Construction Engineering, as a common point. Whether it only concerns a general check to verify current statuses or planning for a repair or a reline or even an emergency, it does not matter: With HeatTeQ you always have the best engineers by your side. We have experience with all major designers and suppliers and we build in accordance with their specifications. Having us involved early, benefits the program.

We are qualified consultants for several renowned engineering companies and steel works such as Siemens VAI, Danieli Corus, Paul Wurth and Hatch. Our worldwide experience benefits our customers, our work and projects. Our engineers are constantly exposed to different designs and constructions. For more information, please go to references to check out our past projects or go to international for our current projects.


Coke battery projects

Name client Project description Project Location  Year
SSAB Europe Battery inspection & assessment Luleå, Sweden 2022
Liberty Primary Steel Throughwall repairs (EPC) Whyalla, South Australia 2022
ArcelorMittal Tubarao Battery assessment COB 1-2-3 Tubarao, Vitoria, ES, Brazil 2021
ArcelorMittal Temirtau Battery assessment COB7 Temirtau, Kazakhstan 2019-2020
TATA Steel IJmuiden Throughwall replacement 8 walls (EPC) IJmuiden, Netherlands 2019-2020
HuDe GmbH Coke battery assessment Altai Koks, Russian Federation 2019
JFE Steel Pad up/rebuild vattery 3A Fukuyama Works, Japan 2019
Liberty OneSteel Coke plant assessment Whyalla, South Australia 2018-2019
TATA Steel End flue repair HeatTeQ Hybrid Repair System IJmuiden, The Netherlands Jan 2018-ongoing
SSAB Raahe End flue repair HeatTeQ Hybrid Repair System Raahe, Finland 2018
ArcelorMittal Rebuild battery 1 &2 Gijon, Spain 2017 – ongoing
SSAB Oxelosund End flue repair HeatTeQ Hybrid Repair System Oxelösund, Sweden 2017
TATA Steel Throughwall replacement 3 walls with
traditional Silica IJmuiden, The Netherlands 2015-2016
Tonawanda Coke Corp. Battery assessment Tonawanda, NY, USA 2016
SSAB Oven sole replacements in hot condtition Raahe, Finland 2016
NSSMC Fused Silica through wall repairs with modular shapes Kashima, Japan 2016-2017
SSAB Coke oven battery #1-5 –  Gas gun repair Oxelösund, Sweden 2015
SSAB Battery Inspection  to determine repair requirments Oxelosund & Lulea
Sweden and Raahe, Finland 2015
ArcelorMittal Coke oven batteries revamping FOS-SUR-MER, France 2014
NSSMC End flue repairs with fused silica shapes Kimitsu, Japan 2014 – ongoing
TATA Steel Through wall repairs 11 realized 3 schedules IJmuiden, The Netherlands 2013 – ongoing
SSAB Gasgun repairs Oxelosund, Sweden
ArcelorMittal End flue repairs, coke batteries Fos-sur-mer, France 2012 – ongoing

Blast furnace projects

Name client Project description Project Location  Year
TATA Steel Europe Blast furnace #6 reline project for Durofelguera IJmuiden, the Netherlands 2022-2023
Accererie D’Italia AFO4 heart replacement project Taranto, PU, Italy 2021-2022
Accererie D’Italia AFO4, salamander tap, burden capping &
stack staves replacement Taranto, PU, Italy 2021
ArcelorMittal AFO#2, repairs to stack, tuyere belt & hearth Taranto, PU, Italy 2020
ArcelorMittal Burden capping & stack repairs BF #3 Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland 2020
AM Kryvyih Rih Core drilling BF Hearth Kryvyih Rih, Ukraine 2018
Arcelor Mittal Mini-reline, 2 tapholes, tuyeres & stack BF #2 Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland 2018
Arcelor Mittal Burden capping & stack repairs BF #5 Galati, Romania 2017
Arcelor Mittal Taphole core drilling Galati, Romania 2017
SSAB Blast furnace reline study Raahe, Finland 2017
HKM Taphole drilling Duisburg, Germany 2016
SSAB BF #4 taphole & stack repairs Oxelösund, Sweden 2016
DK Roheisen BF #3 hearth replacement Duisburg, Germany 2016
Arcelor Mittal/
Saldanha Steel Corex hearth repairs Saldanha, South Africa 2016
SSAB BF #3 reline Lulea, Sweden 2015
Arcelor Mittal BF #5 reline (project coordination only) Newcastle, South Africa 2014
SSAB BF #4 taphole repairs Oxelösund, Sweden 2013
Arcelor Mittal BF #3 hearth rebuild Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland 2013
Arcelor Mittal BF taphole repair Newcastle, South Africa 2012
Arcelor Mittal BF taphole repair Vanderbijlpark, South Africa 2012
TATA Steel Port Talbot BF #4 demolition blast furnace Port Talbot, U.K. 2012

Stove projects

Name client Project description Project Location  Year 
TATA Steel Stove 13 dome, burner, checkers and HBO.
incl asbestos removal Port Talbot, Wales, UK Ongoing 2022
TATA Steel Stove 11 dome, burner, checkers and HBO.
incl asbestos removal Port Talbot, Wales, UK Ongoing 2022
ArcelorMittal Hot blast stove 23 repairs Dabrowa Gornicza , Poland 2022
ArcelorMittal Hot blast stove 33 repairs Dabrowa Gornicza , Poland 2022
AMDK New stove construction #34 at BF#3 for PW Dunkerque, France 2021
HKM Hot stove repair assessment Duisburg, Germany 2021
Dillinger Stahlwerke Bustle pipe repairs for PW Dillingen, Germany 2020
TATA Steel New stove construction #64 at BF#6 for Termostav IJmuiden, the Netherlands 2018
SSAB Lulea Hot hold 4 Hot blast stoves of BF#3 during BF-stop Lulea, Sweden 2018
Arcelor Mittal Rebuild stove #7 Vanderbijlpark, South Africa 2018
Arcelor Mittal Hot stove repair BF#5 Galati, Romania 2017
HKM Hot repair to stoves HO-B Duisburg, Germany 2016
Voest Alpine Stove rebuild WE-E1 Donawitz, Austria 2016
SSAB Hot blast system renewal and stove repairs Lulea, Sweden 2015
ArcelorMittal Stove repairs (1 off) Dabrowa Gornicza , Poland 2015
Tata Steel Stove repair #63 dome, burner and checker work IJmuiden, the Netherlands 2014/ 2015
SSAB New hot blast stove construction Oxelösiund, Sweden 2014
Arcelor Mittal Hot stove repairs (3 off) Newcastle, South Africa 2014
ArcelorMittal Stove repairs (1 off) Dabrowa, Gornicza 2014
TATA Steel Stove 14 dome, burner, checkers and HBO.
incl Asbestos removal Port Talbot, Wales, UK 2013
TATA Steel Stove 14 dome, burner and HBO. incl asbestos removal Port Talbot, Wales, UK 2012
Arcelor Mittal Stove #4 burner replacement and burner shaft repair Vanderbijlpark, South Africa 2012