Health, Safety and Environment

HSE Policy


HSE project support

Our HSE department is performing consultancy work, project safety management and safety surveillance.

Since we are specialized in complex and multi-disciplinary projects, both in design as well as in the execution phase, our HSE organization must have a pro-active attitude so safe working will be secured all the time. At HeatTeQ this has become a natural part of our professional organisation.

Many organisations are still looking for a solution to implement HSE in this way. Our team is working for several years on projects where we supply clients with safety management containing the following:

Advise and Support

  • Consultancy and examination of certificates
  • Execution and examination of risk assessments
  • Execution and examination of HSE plans. Support on toolbox and kick-off meetings
  • Work place inspections and supervision

Project support:

  • Project management by a safety team on projects where multi-parties and large numbers of personnel are involved. Our safety team is always headed by a trained and qualified Safety Engineer, on MVK (level 2) or HVK (level 3), depending on the size and complexity of the project.
  • HeatTeQ will take responsibility for the complete Safety Management on your project, whereby we will prepare the complete HSE-plan, assist with risk assessments and risk analysis, allocate safety engineers on all required levels and locations at the project. HeatTeQ will organize all communication and reporting for safety related matters such as weekly reporting on Safety Statistics, Last Minute Risk Analysis, Site Safety Inspection Rounds and Accident reporting.
  • Project and HSE coordination from design until execution phase, in which the attention will go to the company, partners and involved subcontractors.

Dispaching of:

  • Safety engineers level 1,2 and 3
  • Safety managers and inspectors
  • Safety watchers for confined space, fire watching etc. etc.
  • Environmental specialists