SSAB EMEA AB Oxelösund Hot Blast Stove 4


Facts and Figures

Project: SSAB EMEA AB Oxelosund Blast Furnace 4
Duration: 8 weeks
Plant: Hot Blast Stove 46
Design: Paul Wurth
Tonnage: Refractories 1800 ton
Execution: May-September 2014
Scope: Installation of refractories in new hot blast stove
Partners: Lizmontagens


Scope of work

 Design and Supply of all auxiliary equipment
Gridblasting and Shotpeening of the inside of the new stove shell
Applying Stellatar on the inside of the new stove shell
Installation of auxiliary equipment required for installation
Receiving and off-loading free issued refractory material
Installation of checker support
Installation of all stove internals

On February 14th, 2014 the order was placed and HeatTeQ started with the engineering of the auxiliary equipment and the preparation of enquiries for sub-contracts. By the beginning of July the preparations were completed, sub-contracts were placed and the work on site was started. By that time the erection of the stove shell was completed and HeatTeQ started with the gridblasting and shotpeening of the inside of the stove shell after which stellatar was applied.

Because the designer of the stove did not allow openings in the side of the stove shell all material had to be fed over the top through the dome manhole. For this purpose a platform and hoisting beam was erected on top of the stove. Material was hoisted up by a Demag hoist packed on pallets. To prevent accidental falling of material the pallets were covered with a safety net.

Installation of refractories in the checker shaft and the burner shaft was done in parallel, working from scaffolds in the burner shaft and from the top of the checkers in the checker shaft.

The work was completed on schedule on September 29th to the full satisfaction of the customer.