SSAB Oxelosund, Sweden – Gas gun block trial repair

The coke batteries of SSAB Oxelosund Sweden run mainly on lean blast furnace gas. The gas is pre-heated through the regenerator and then ignited once entered into the combustion chamber. During shutdown of the blast furnaces, the coke battery will have to be fired with coke oven gas. The coke oven gas is injected through the gas gun unit into the horizontal gas channel. Due to the age of the Batteries, the last few years several gas gun blocks started to leak. Some ovens had to be taken out of production due to insufficient heat in the coke oven walls.

Facts & figures

Project: Gas gun block trial repair
Client: SSAB Oxelosund, Sweden
No. of Ovens: 100 (5 Batteries)
Coke Battery Design: Twin Flue, Koppers

Duration: 5 weeks
Execution year: 2013
Battery Height: 4 meter
Manhours: 650

HeatTeQ was consulted to investigate the problem area and they presented a repair plan for the gas gun blocks in order to secure oven availability while firing coke oven gas. After presenting our solution to SSAB Oxelosund, HeatTeQ was awarded the order to perform a trial repair on the coke oven batteries.

During the trial repair, a total of Thirty Eight (38) gas gun units have been repaired. A stainless steel tube was inserted through the gas gun block in the gas channel and a special mortar was injected to seal up open joints, cracks and gaps around the gas gun block. The results are excellent, all gas guns were sealed, after the repair no leakages through the gas gun block were detected.

After the successful trial repair, HeatTeQ received an order to repair an additional 200 gas gun blocks to allow SSAB a problem free operation during coke oven gas firing this summer.