TATA Steel Port Talbot Works
Demolition & removal of furnace proper


Scope of work:

Demolition and removal of all burden & refractory in furnace proper and removal of solidified salamander.


Facts and Figures

Site: TATA Steel Port Talbot
Plant: Blast Furnace #4
Design: Siemens VAI, plate cooled stack
Execution: July 2012
Duration: 28 days
Manhours: 5200h
Furnace size: 11 meter


The reline of blast furnace #4 was scheduled for the summer of 2012. HeatTeQ was awarded the contract for the wrecking and removal of all burdens, refractories and solidified salamander from the furnace proper. The work, under supervision and coordination of HeatTeQ, was performed by our dedicated sub-contractors DGC Démantèlement and Holtmann Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH. DGC is a French based demolition company. Holtmann GmbH from Germany builds and operates their own remote controlled stack demolition device, the so-called 'slageater'.

Demolition started with the safety blasting shot. The safety blasting shot is to remove loose skull and brickwork from the furnace stack to enable a safe entering of the furnace. After the safety blasting shot the cold burden and stack refractory lining was removed from the furnace by the Slageater. Below tuyere level the brickwork and skull was removed with excavators.

After the brick work and skull were removed down to the furnace entrance the salamander was dug out. Due to a very successful salamander tap by TATA, no more than 50 ton of salamander was left in the furnace. No lancing was requires as we were able to remove the two pieces of salamander as a whole.

A second shell opening at the bottom of the base plate was cut to remove the remaining carbon block and to clean out the furnace down to the base plate.

Despite certain delays we managed to complete our scope of work within the project schedule. The demolition project was completed with ZERO accidents and to total satisfaction of TATA Steel UK.