Steetley Dolomite Ltd.
Preheater, Kiln and Cooler

For over a 100 years the name Steetley has been synonymous with high quality Dolomitic lime and dead burnt Dolomite products for the steel industry. Steetley Dolomite Limited is now an independent company owned by its management. Steetley Dolomite specializes in Dolomitic products for the steel industry and is one of the leading producers in the world.


Facts and Figures

Project: Preheater, Kiln and Cooler
Client: Steetley Dolomite Limited
Design: Preheater - METSO design; Kiln - Magnesita and Duferco design; Cooler - IKN design
Duration: 50 days
Execution year: 2013
Manhours: 13.000


Steetley Dolomite invested £10 million for upgrading W2 kiln with a new preheater to give:
Improved efficiency
Reduced environmental impact
Additional output

In parallel with the above also the kiln and cooler refractory lining was replaced by HeatTeQ Refractories. The complete project was executed within the time frame given by the client.

Preheater: 143 Mton material; Installation period 23 days
Kiln: 510 Mton material; Installation period 11 days
Cooler: 142 Mton material; Installation period 10 days