Lime Kiln, Kayes District, Mali

Scope of work:

In October 2013 HeatTeq SA received an enquiry from Milltech SA for the installation of refractories in a lime kiln in the Kayes district in the republic of Mali. The bid was submitted November 20, 2013 and the order was placed December 5, 2014. Work on site started on January 7, 2015.


Facts and Figures

Site: Lime kiln Kayes, Mali
Duration: 2 months
Plant: Single shaft Lime Kiln
Design: Magnesita
Tonnage: 305 ton
Execution: January-February 2015
Scope: Cross-over repair
Subcontractor Mechanical: Elinem
Subcontractor Refractories: Anmar


The project was straight forward and well within the capabilities of HeatTeQ. What made it special was the location and the short time between the date of order and the start of work on site. Within the 5 weeks between date of order and start work on site staff had to be mobilized, the necessary permits and visa had to be obtained and equipment shipped to site. All this was efficiently and skillfully  handled by the South African branch office of HeatTeQ within the short time available.
The work was executed by South African bricklayers and supervision. Site preparation started on January 7, 2015 and bricklaying started one week later. The work was completed successfully within the  scheduled 34 days and handed over to the customer on February 14, 2015.