Idwala Company Calcinating Plant
Danielskuil South Africa

Scope of work:

  • Design and Supply of all auxiliary equipment
    Installation of auxiliary equipment required for installation
    Receiving and off-loading free issued refractory material
    Installation of free issued refractory material


Facts and Figures

Site: Danielskuil South Africa
Duration: 2 months
Plant: Calcinating Plant Lime Kilns
Design: Cimprogetti Spa.
Tonnage: Refractories 1050 ton
Execution: January-April 2013
Scope: Installation of refractories in 2 new lime kilns
Partners: Lizmontagens


On October 30, 2012 the order was placed and HeatTeQ started with the engineering of the auxiliary equipment and the preparation of enquiries for sub-contracts. By the beginning of January 2013 the preparations were completed, subcontracts were placed and the work on site was started. By that time the erection of the steel shells for the kilns was completed and HeatTeQ started refractory installation.
The work was completed on schedule on March 29 to the full satisfaction of the customer.