AMP Dabrowa Gornicza Blast Furnace #3: Bottom, Hearth and Lower Bosh Refractory Installation

Scope of work:

  • Installation bottom refractoriesInstallation hearth refractories
  • Installation lower bosh refractories
  • installation taphole nozzles (frames 4x)
  • Engineering, manufacturing, installation & removal of the hoisting carousel and material landing deck
  • order for design and supply of 'black' material by SGL Poland, ceramic path and tuyere belt by Vesuvius Poland

Facts and Figures

Project: AMP Dabrowa Gornicza BF#3 Hearth Installation
Client: AMP Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland
Duration: 34 days
Execution year: 2013
Manhours: 12.322
Hearth Diameter: 14,6 metres
Sub-Contractors: HPR Centrex, MOSTOSTAL Kędzierzyn S.A., IZOLACJA, Lizmontagens Portugal, Lizmontagens Poland


HeatTeQ was rewarded with the refractory installation contract in September 2013. Preparation work started immediately after, like engineering of the hoisting carousel and landing deck, preparation H&S plan, quality control plan, selection of mechanical contractor(s), etc.

The blow-down of the furnace was scheduled for September 2013 after which the demolition of the existing refractories took place, followed by replacement of bosh, belly and stack stave coolers.

Site preparation started on November 9th, 2013 with a small crew to upload/install equipment and transporting the first layers of refractory material from the main store to the daily store furthermore, the hoisting carousel and landing deck have been installed.

On November 15th, 2013, the furnace was handed over to HeatTeQ for the refractory installation of the bottom layers. Total weight fo installed refractories 1.450 Mton. After completion of BL1 there was a planned standing time of 5 days due to machining of top surface BL1 (done by SGL). After completion of the machining activities and approval of the final survey results, the hearth was given back to HeatTeQ. All hearth ring layers, tuyere belt & lower bosh materials were installed by using a scaffold progressively erected during the installation.

On december 18th, refractory installation and removal of the hoisting carousel was completed and the hearth was handed over to AMP. The installation time was 4 days shorter than the scheduled completion date. The project was completed with zero accidents and to the total satisfaction of AMP.