ArcelorMittal Vanderbijlpark BFD
Stove 4 - Burner and dome repair

ArcelorMittal rebuilt their hot blast stoves at 'D' furnace in 2004 (#4 stove), 2005 (#3 stove) and 2006 (#2 stove), prior to and during the furnace rebuild in 2006. The stoves are a Siemens VAI design, internal combustion chamber type with ceramic burners.


Facts and Figures

Project: Burner and dome repair
Client: ArcelorMittal Vanderbijlpark BFD
Design: Siemens VAI
Duration: 18 weeks of site work
Execution year: 2012


During 2009 problems were expected with #4 stove's performance. Preliminary inspections indicated partial blockage of the burner crown by debris.
HeatTeQ performed a detailed endoscopic inspection in June 2010, leading to a scheduled replacement of the ceramic burner area  in February 2012. Late 2011 the scope of work was extended due to sudden hot spots occuring at the dome area.
HeatTeQ was able to prepare and undertake a practical repair, with specially designed shaped refractory materials for the dome area. The repair period was scheduled for 60 days, from off-blast to on-blast.
Whilst demolishing the dome area, the extent of the damage was found to be larger than expected. With a combined effort of HeatTeQ, the customer (ArcelorMittal) and the designer (Siemens VAI), the dome area was inspected, redesigned and repaired in a record time considering the limitations of refractory material available.

The project scope of work consisted of:

  • Zero Tolerance Safety Performance during the execution of the whole project
  • Removal and replacement of several process valves to isolate the stove from the live systems and to make clearance for cool down and heat up auxiliary equipment
  • Controlled cool down of the refractories in stove 4
  • Demolition and installation refractories lower hot blast outlet and draught hole
  • Demolition and installation of the ceramic burner
  • Demolition and installation of +- 2.5 meter from the hot face lining of the top part combustion and partition wall
  • Additional repair on the checker chamber and partition wal just beneath the dome ledges (2.5 meter)
  • Replacement of process valves prior to heat up stove
  • Controlled heat up of the refractories stoves 4
  • Supply of all refractories for the ceramic burner and dome repairs