South Africa



  • 1994 Algoma Steel, SS Marie, Through Wall Construction


  • 2005 Blast Furnace 13 Gary, Reline Blast Furnace & Hot Blast System
  • 1988-1992 Armco Middletown, Reline Hot Blast Stove #2



  • 2008 Chaoyang China, Hearth Refractory Installation (Graftech)
  • 2006 Nanjing Blast Furnace #2, Furnace Installation (Graftech)
  • 2005 Taiyuan Blast Furnace #3, Supervision (Graftech)
    Benxi, Blast Furnace #7, Supervision (Graftech)
    Blast Furnace #3, Stoves, Benxi, China, relocation Blast Furnace
  • 2004-2005 Benxi, Iron& Steel, Sublance system
    Jinan, Iron and Steel, Sublance system
    Blast Furnace #6 Benxi, Iron& Steel, China, Hearth installation
    Taigang Steel, China, BF #2, installation of one new stove (Corus Design)
    Tangshan Steel, China, BF#4, installation of one new stove (Corus Design)
    Wugang Group Wuhan China, installation of 3 new burners in hot blast stoves BF#7
  • 2003 Bayuquan Blast Furnace #1+2 Anshan Steel, China, BF #11, installation of Ceramic Burner and dome (Corus Design)
  • 2002 Anshan Steel, China, BF #1, installation of three new stoves (Corus Design)
    Shougang Steel, China, BF #3, installation of three new stoves (Corus Design)
  • 2001 Wugang Group Wuhan China, installation of 3 new stoves Blast Furnace #1
  • 1996-1997 Tanggang Steel Tangshan China, installation of refractories 3 new stoves

South Korea

  • 2006 Posco, South Korea, Cross Over, Core Drilling, Salamander Tap
  • 2005 Posco, South Korea, supervision
    Posco Steel, Kwangyang, South Korea, BF #1 and BF #2, installation of Cross Over between the domes (Improved Koppers Design);


  • 2004 China Steel, Kaoshung, Taiwan, Coke Battery Revamp Project



  • 1994 BHP Australia, Consultancy, Coke Battery Repairs



  • 2007 Reline Carsid Charleroi Belgium BF#6. HB system & Hearth refurbishment including engineering. Emergency repair Tap hole Carsid Belgium BF#A
  • 2006 Emergency repair Tap hole Carsid Belgium BF#A.
  • 2004 Arcelor, Cockerill Ougree
  • 2003 Sidmar Blast Furnace, Gent Belgium, Installation of new carbon hearth Blast Furnace "A"
  • 2002 Sidmar,Supervision Sidmar Blast Furnace "B", installation ceramic tiles dust catcher.



  • 2006 Mittal Arcelor, #3 BF Dunkerque, New Hearth Refractories


  • 2008 Arcelor Mittal Bremen, BF#3 reline including 3 Stoves, Hot Blast Main, Bustle Pipe and Heat up services.
  • 2005 Salzgitter BF “A”, in Salzgitter, Installation of the Hot Blast Main, Mixing Chamber, Stack and Bustle Pipe. Working schedule of 20 days, realisation in 18 days. No accidents and incidents on 17.000 men hours.
  • 2004 Salzgitter Stahl AG, Installation of new carbon hearth Blast Furnace “B”
  • 1997 Krupp Dortmund, Tap hole Repairs


  • 2009 Blast Furnace Stack Repair at Severstahl Piombino
  • 2007 Ilva Taranto, BF#4 reline including troughs. Reline Ilva Taranto BF#2.Hearth refurbishment & Stoves repair, including engineering Gunning the Stack Ilva Taranto BF#4, 400 tonnes
  • 2004 ILVA Taranto - Installation of new bosh & tuyere belt Blast Furnace
  • 1998 Piombino #4 Furnace Reline
  • 1988-1992 Ilva Taranto, Reline Hot Blast Stoves at #2 Blast Furnace.


  • 2011-2012 TATA Steel IJmuiden through wall repairs
  • 2008 Developing a Modular Repair Package for Coke Batteries which would be marketed on a Global Basis. The initial project was secured at Corus Steel IJmuiden
  • 2007 Corus IJmuiden, Deck repair Cokes Oven 2 Battery 21, 22 and 23.
    Corus IJmuiden, Cokes Battery technical advisement and supervision& Deck repair Cokes Oven 2 Battery 24.
  • 2006 BF #7 Corus IJmuiden
    Reline Blast Furnace #7, the Netherlands
    Hot Blast Main, replacement
    Bustle Pipe, replacement
    PW top, replacement
    Hearth and Cast house refurbishment
  • 2002 Corus IJmuiden, Reline of Blast Furnace #6, demolition hearth, mechanical repairs, hearth & bosh refractory installation. Jan Soonius was Project Director for the total construction package (demo/mech/refr/cooling). Total project duration 58 days.
  • 1998 Aldel Gas Treatment Centre, Delfzijl
  • 1995 Hoogovens Ijmuiden, End Flue and Through Wall Repairs, Coke Plant #2
    Shell Pernis Rozenburg, Per+ Project.
  • 1994 Kemira Rozenburg, Consultancy, Fertilizing Plant
    AVI West, Construction Consultant, Incinerator Plant
  • 1988-1992 AVR Rijnmond, Construction Consultant, Incinerator Plant
    Hoogovens Ijmuiden:
    Reline Pusher Furnace #21 and #22
    Reline #7 Blast Furnace including major repairs on the Hot Blast System.
    General Maintenance Refractories
    Intermediate Repair #7 Blast Furnace
    Repair of #1 Coke Plant, Battery 16
    Buck Stay and End Flue Repairs, #2 Coke Plant
    Relines Pusher Furnace 21-24
    Renovation #6 Blast Furnace, Stoves #3 and #4



  • 1998 VSZ #3 Furnace Reline


United Kingdom