Refractory training

As a refractory installation company it is important to employ members who are aware of the aspects that determine the success of a refractory lining as intended in it's application. Since 2010 we have started the HeatTeQ Refractory Academy. The academy was set up to train our own personnel only, since 2012 we have opened the course for our customers or dedicated partners as well.

The training is set up for (young) engineers and refractory foremen/supervisors, working in the iron making Industry. The purpose of the training is to make the participants aware of the different type of installations, their behavior and the role refractories have in these installations.

The participants will be made aware of different material applications and all sorts of problems we typically fi nd on repair projects. The focus is mainly on blast furnaces, hot blast stoves and coke battery repairs. The attendees are made aware of the base operations of the installations, explained by our operating specialists.