sep 15, 2016


Online Platform for HSE Management

Nowadays it is becoming more important for companies to comply with international and domestic set HSE safety regulations on jobsites. These HSE regulations create pressure on companies and make HSE management a significant cost-driver during projects.

Together with our Safety Officer, we realized that contemporary HSE management holds inefficient and ineffective administrative processes; high amount of paper work, time-consuming and no software integration, all influencing costs significantly.

We researched the possibilities to improve the contemporary processes in both efficiency and effectiveness and came up with the following solution;

 MySEPP Safety Solutions

MySEPP is a digital platform specially designed for the simplification of HSE management processes. It makes use of an online-mobile application backed by a digital processing database that provides the possibility to;

  • Check real-time safety performances
  • Visualize safety reports
  • System integration
  • Automatic data processing
  • Statistical dashboard on project and company based

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MySEPP Safety Solutions