sep 14, 2016

The Cobra Carbon Grinder

A new innovation system for grinding of blast furnace carbon.

At HeatTeQ we constantly look out for developments in the market, closely listen to customer needs, focus on market trends and technological developments that would benefit the customer’s overall performance.

One of our discoveries we made during Blast Furnace reline projects was the possibility to improve the grinding and yielding process of a BF's carbon layer. The demand for fast and safe maintenance solutions becomes more and more important for blast furnace operators, due to the downtime and loss of production, thus the total repair cost is to be kept to the bare minimum.

In order to meet this demand of the market, we jointly invented the Cobra Carbon Grinder. A robotic carbon-grinding machine that closely correlates with today’s contemporary market trends:

  • Increasing efficiency; 
  • improving safety; 
  • keep loss of production to a minimum; 
  • reduction of project costs;

 If you would like to obtain more information, please visit the website of the Cobra Carbon Grinder.