HeatTeQ originates from the refractory department of Hoogovens/Corus in IJmuiden Holland. Through the years Hoogovens has been a forerunner in the development and application of refractory designs for blast furnaces, hot blast stoves and coke ovens.

The established designers and suppliers of Blast Furnaces, Hot Blast Stoves and Coke Ovens had to deal with the Design Department of Hoogovens where people like Koos van Laar and Jacob Felthuis critically evaluated their proposals and where deemed necessary didn't hesitate to propose and implement improvements based on the actual operating experience at the Hoogovens plant, thus by trial and error gradually improving the performance of the constructions.

The implementation of those improvements resulted in improved reliability and extended campaign lengths of the installations and significant savings in maintenance costs.

Eventually the Design Department of Hoogovens designed complete and unique linings for Blast Furnaces and Hot Blast Stoves which were duly patented and carried the label "Hoogovens Design".

The improved operating results and longer campaign lengths of the new designs did not go unnoticed in the iron and steel community. In 1974 British Steel Port Talbot had their new stoves designed by Hoogovens followed by stoves for Stelco's Lake Eri Works and BHP Port Kembla No.5 Blast Furnace. From there on interest only increased and it was decided to start a new design group solely dedicated to the marketing and design of Blast Furnaces and Stoves for third parties.

The new company was called ESTS short for Estel Technical Services and grew rapidly under the inspiring management of Koos van Laar, Jacob Felthuis and Piet Joustra on the management design side and Otto Konczol on the construction supervision side, complemented with Engineers and Construction supervisors from Hoogovens.
Staff and Management of HeatTeQ all have long-term experience with ESTS, Hoogovens Technical Services and later Danieli Corus. The engineering and construction supervision expertise gained during the years of employment with the Hoogovens later Corus group contributed to a large extend to the ability of HeatTeQ to assist you with:

  • Scope of Work Definitions
  • Design Modifications
  • Erection Methodology
  • Material Selection
  • Project and Site Management
  • Commissioning and Heat-up activities